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  • Hi!

    I'm Ivy, a Systems Design Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo. This site is my blog and portfolio with information about me, my projects, blog posts, and my contact information.

    You might be interested to look at some of my programming and modelling projects here. Many of my programming projects can be found on GitHub and my modelling projects can be found on Printables.

    GitHub: hexadecimalDinosaur
    Codeberg: hexadecimalDinosaur
    Prusa Printables: userblackbox
    CTFTime: hexadecimalDinosaur
    LinkedIn: Ivy Fan-Chiang
    Resume: files.ivyfanchiang.ca

    This website is also accessible through the Tor network at ivyfc7cpzv3uw3g2s36satpxbbdn545mjuwxji2ltkb5s4aj2lqm4kyd.onion

    a proud member of the orange team of 512KB club