2020 Reflection

Posted 2020/12/28

2020 is almost over (or it may have already ended by the time you read this)! It has been a bizarre year with the global pandemic, protests, elections, and the shift to working and learning online. I feel that even though we’ve had to physically distance, the global community has pulled together and found new ways to socialize, learn, and work.

While the lockdowns here in Canada (and the rest of the world) have stopped me from getting out and doing some hobbies like rock climbing, it has given me a lot of spare time that I used to learn new hobbies and work on some new projects.

The biggest project I have been working on this year was octoprint-cli which was initially created back in April as a faster way for me to get status updates from my OctoPrint 3D printer server from the terminal. It has slowly evolved into a fully functional command-client for OctoPrint servers over the past year. There are still lots of features that I still plan to implement so changes will continue to be made in the coming months.

Continuing talk about 3D printing, I started making more of my own designs in Fusion 360 this year. I’ve learnt how to use some of the more advanced tools and released my first public design to Thingiverse which was a Raspberry Pi Zero Case for a USB dongle (link here).

I have worked on some other code projects this year like schedule-bot and this website. I also made various scripts that can be found on Github, started doing more competitive programming, and picked up some new hobbies like locksport and making music in Abelton Live.

I hope that 2021 will be a slightly less interesting year and that I can continue to learn and work on existing and new projects in the future!